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  • Covid19:
  • We have been living in an ever changing world for months. Of course, no different to the rest of the world, Some countries have managed to stay moderately unchanged, while of course here in Spain,  nearby neighbours Italy and others have certainly been having it tough, withstanding the devastating effects of the Coronavirus on people of all ages, while closing down economies all around the world.
  • The isolation programme has an upside for a lot of people though. Their busy lives forcibly slowed down , there has been time to think,( a rare commodity for many) to assess and reassess , the values, the directions, the satisfactions or otherwise of the lives that  we have all been living. I guess there will be a continuing time of change for many as we return to some form of our past reality.
  • Some creatives I am sure have been inspired by uninterrupted studio time, which is a dream come true for many as time to get stuck into some head space and enjoy what comes along.  Also giving some much needed time to play, seek new directions maybe or simply be better at what you are concentrating on at the moment. IT CERTAINLY WAS FOR ME.
  • Wherever you are, whatever you do...Stay Safe!




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