About the Work




It is the elements that shape our land and I have always been intrigued by the powerful forces of nature that carve out our place on this earth; the forces that keep mankind in perspective.


The broad, sweeping vistas of the Australian landscape, feed my need for the implied freedoms in the openness of this landscape. When rising higher and higher above the land I  see the movement of water, wind and fire over time. Meandering rivers –the sustaining quality of life on the land, lives in the free flow of water across my canvas.


 The flow of the earth’s crust, the magnificent patterns and blending of colours that point to the history buried beneath the surface. Layer upon transparent layer my paintings unfold, as I am drawn to the story of the land which is underpinned by the flow of forces that creating it.


Trees, always present, I have come to understand, represent my deep connection to the land, my family being here since white settlement.