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SALVADOR DALI (1904 - 1989) was a key figure in the Surrealist and avante-garde movements. These are just some examples of his work, that attest to the amazing state of his mind. The times of working in the styles that are now associated more closely with other artists eg Sisley, are obvious within his career path, before truly developing his very own distinct style.

Dali was the son of a highly respected notary, and he received drawing lessons from the age of 13. In 1922 he registered in the School of Fine Arts in Madrid, There, his friendship with Ferderico Garcia Lorca and Luis Bunuel had more influence on his artwork than his school lessons, and as an unruly student, he was finally expelled. He remained good friends with Lorca (poet/writer) , and worked together with him on theatre productions. This marked the true beginning of his career.

His life story is one full of controversy and he will go down in history as one of the greatest artists of the 20th century, one who was capable of becoming the standard bearer for Surrealism, to which he brought his own personal paranoid-critical method, but also of being one of the first to make his life and work an object of marketing.

Nearly all pictorial styles are present in his work. He combined painting with literature and was a pioneer in the dialogue between art and science....extraordinary!


Figueres, SPAIN

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