A Sad End

In this region of Aragon and probably in many other regions as well, these are sights that you will see. Yes, the many deserted pueblos (villages). As with many countries the younger members of the village head off to the cities in search of work and the pueblos remain with an aged population. These photographs demonstrate the eventual demise of these small communities.

Our own village, like others nearby, being close to a major centre, have taken steps to save themselves. Housing estates have been encouraged in order to invite a younger population to take up the new dwellings, and the village starts to come alive with children and younger couples. Walking through the old centre of the village though, one becomes very aware of the older members of the community, who are seen little in the streets, except for sitting on their chairs near the main plaza, catching up on the latest gossip.

At least here they know that because they have welcomed outsiders into their midst, their town will not meet the same sad end as some others.

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