Spanish Film and Television alive and well

February 13, 2015

A recent television series, actually 3 seasons , 39 episodes, won the heart of the country, particularly the Region of Aragon. Isabel, filmed in Spain, was directed by Jordi Frades for Television Espanola.This historical fiction series is of about great historical events which changed the world forever.

Isabel, played by Spanish actor, Michelle Jenner, was known as the Catholic queen, who in 1469, married Ferdinando or Fernando(Sp), played by Rodolfo Sanchez. Both actors, as you see, are very easy on the eyes!

She, as Queen of Castile married Ferdinando, King of Aragon, an powerful alliance which was to form much of the territory of Spain, as we know it today.

Their joint achievements united Spain as never before-

  • Crown power was centralised 

  • The completion of the the reconquest of Spain from Islam was finalised.

  • Legal frameworks were formed 

  • The most dominant military machine set up, that would endure at least for another 150 years.

  • Alliances were formed through marriage. I feel for the women of the time!

  • The first voyage of Christopher Columbus was sponsored and his discoveries see Spain on course to become the first modern world power

It is no wonder the saying.."Isabel como Ferdinando".."They amount to the same , Isabel and Ferdinando" came about.

Very interesting twists and turns, some fine acting and authentic backdrops, make for a great series. I know that the UK and America and several other countries have bought the rights. Maybe Australia will do the same. It is well worth a watch and had me scurrying for the history books


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